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Everyone knows once September 1st rolls around, Halloween decorations fill stores and pumpkins seem to be available everywhere! But what about all the different types of squash and gourds that appear in grocery stores this time of year? They are more than just decorations for your front step. These produce items are packed with nutrients, and can be more affordable than other produce items, as they are now in-season. So take this time to diversity your diet with some items you do not get to enjoy the rest of the year. Most winter squashes have firm rinds and hard seeds, which most people remove before eating. Unlike summer squashes, they can be stored for long periods due to these thick rinds. Winter squashes are generally starchier than summer varieties. Pick some up on your next grocery trip!

1) Acorn squash

2) Butternut squash

3) Spaghetti squash

3) Kabocha squash

  • Benefits: antioxidants and skin is edible when cooked, providing additional fiber

  • Cook: Kabocha Squash Salad

4) Delicata squash

5) Sugar pie pumpkins


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