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  • Simple, quick & accurate

  • Measures energy consumption, caloric intake needs, and lung capacity

  • Helps create better diet planning

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The problem

Most nutrition and exercise professionals rely on general formulas to estimate energy needs and expenditure. These formulas do not take into account the numerous factors that may be affecting your metabolic rate such as a history of dieting, hormones, genetics, and body composition. Indirect calorimetry is the gold standard in nutrition research for measuring metabolism. Take the guess work out of your nutrition plan and get an accurate read on your metabolic rate. With Desert Dietitian’s indirect calorimeter, you can have access to information almost exclusively reserved for research labs.

The solution:

Measure your metabolism

Find out whether your body is burning carbs or fat for energy Discover your daily energy expenditure

Test your lung capacity

Take control of your weight and body composition

Build a better diet and fitness plan

Stop guessing your calorie needs

How it works:

Imagine your body as a furnace. The food you eat is like fuel for this furnace. When you burn this fuel, it produces energy, which is used by your body to function. Now, just like a furnace emits smoke when burning fuel, your body produces certain gases when it burns food for energy. Indirect calorimetry measures these gases, specifically oxygen and carbon dioxide. Here's how it works: You breathe into a special machine. This machine then calculates the amount of oxygen you inhale and the amount of carbon dioxide you exhale. Why oxygen and carbon dioxide? Because the amount of oxygen your body uses and the amount of carbon dioxide it produces are directly related to how many calories you are burning.

Where to start:

Set up a 30 minute appointment with Desert Dietitians. Do not eat, drink (other than water), or exercise for 4 hours prior to the appointment. During the appointment, you will sit for 20 minutes to bring the body to a rested state. During this time, you will be able to speak to a registered dietitian about all things diet and nutrition. Results are immediate. Leave the appointment with an accurate measure of your energy needs. 

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